Become a change-maker in Armenia together with VoMA.

The mission of VoMA NGO is to increase Armenia’s defense capacity through the preparation of Armenian pre-conscripts, servicemen, reservists and volunteers (included those from Diaspora). Developing and applying different training methods VoMA has become a unique laboratory for the Armenian Armed Forces.

The participants of the VoMA winter military training camp, 2018

VoMA was founded in 2013, but it started to conduct a wider range of activities during the April War.

It regularly implements trainings in Yerevan and 10-day military trainings in Artsakh.

In the course of the April war the instructors of VoMA were actively preparing volunteers and reservists who wished to help the battlefront soldiers.

We partially contribute to the material support of the armed forces providing materials both produced by our volunteers and bought by the means transferred to the organization. In particular, we provide camouflage nets and ghillie suits, masks and other materials.

On December 31, 2017, during the annual Scout Night event held in Yerablur, we awarded the wounded soldiers of Armenian Army 1st and 2nd class medals for the War Wounded.

The military training camp of VoMA, 2018

Learn more about the military training camps and register for the participation visiting our website:

The activities mentioned above are conducted by people who share the idea of creating more powerful Armenia. They collectively recognize and believe that by supporting the projects of preparation of Armenian reservists, pre-conscripts, and volunteers, they contribute to the creation of a viable and united society; a society that will become a true reserve force.

VoMA, as a non-profit organization, unites people who wish to become strong reservists with those who financially support the idea. Together, we become change-makers in our motherland.

The nation that underwent genocide doesn’t have a right to be weak spiritually and physically!

Pre-conscripts, reservists and volunteers during the winter military camp.

We offer to contribute to the creation of more powerful Armenia by the means of monthly donations. In this way you will have an opportunity to participate in a work which will cause radical changes in our country.

Why donate monthly?

  • You will become a member of VoMA, a large family, where love of the country and nation are the main values.
  • You will be satisfied, recognizing that you try to fulfill your duty to the motherland and reinforce the power of the country.
  • Monthly investments will allow us to work more confidently and become more goal oriented as well as do long-term planning.
  • You will help to lift the spirit of compatriots.

Key investment projects:

1. Military training camps.

The number of participants depends on your support. During these trainings our compatriots from Diaspora and the residents of different regions of Armenia spend 10 days in the field conditions.

2. Preparation and trainings of district inspectors and elementary military training teachers of borderlands.

3. Production of outfit and purchase of materials necessary to the army and the reserve mountain rifle battalion.


  • Construction of the main functional training center in Artsakh including a complex of residential buildings, obstacle course, climbing wall, and shooting range. Simultaneously, it will be a base for VoMA. There will be a farm to produce food.
  • Preparation of instructors to work in the regions of Armenia.
  • Opening of training centers in the regions of Armenia and preparation of instructors for these centers.

You will receive

  • Reports
  • Online conferences
  • Letters of appreciation


You will be able to take part in our military camps and spend time in our base located in picturesque Artsakh.

Want to become a change-maker? Join us!

By Preparing and training the Republic Armenia citizens and volunteers from Diaspora we create stronger Armenia.

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